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Help E-commerce WordPress Shop in 3 Steps All Inclusive

Hosting,Domain,SSL,SSD,Email-All Inclusive

1) Complete the order.

/Choose the Hosting Plan -Basic,Advanced or Premium/

/Select How Many Languages (Idiomas) you like to be installed -1,2,3/

/Choose the phase of the WP Installation -Basic,Complete or Complete+SEO/

2) We will contact you by email for all necessary information about the web,the domain and the business in general.

3) Installation of the wordpress and hosting accounts. Next we will complete the web according to the order and deliver the accounts and the page.

Information on the installation of E-commerce Shop Online

WordPress Shop Online Design
The initial WordPress Theme can be changed at any time. If you prefer (and you should do it) an SEO design (we install this type of designs usually). Then you can change the design from “Appearance-Themes-Install New”. After the change you may need to adjust again some options, design or plugins,especially if you have touched the footer. Also if your new theme and the old one support differently the menus and templates.

WordPress Shop Online Installation phase
Depending on your needs and possibilities,the installation phase can be completed in different ways.

-Complete Installation. If you are not sure that you will be able to complete the necessary changes and plugins, choose “Complete”. The complete installation contains all the widjets, plugins, VAT, shipping, payment with cards or / and other options such as paypal and transfer. In this phase we also install an example product of yours. Then you can copy and modify it much easier and faster by editing the products of your store.

-Complete Installation + SEO.We complete everything as in Complete Installation and we will also make the web visible in Google for your most important keyword(s).

-Basic Installation. If you have already made electronic commerce websites or you want to learn, you could take care of your online store.

Maintenance of e-commerce WordPress
If you are a webmaster or have made web pages before, you could take care for your WordPress website. If you have never had a website it is advisable to have help for at least the first year of the installation.

E-commerce Languages in WordPress
Usually we install WP in English or in Spanish depends of your preference. How many languages will you need? Keep in mind that maintaining each language is the same as maintaining another web page (if SEO is installed correctly). There are different methods of converting or installing several languages in a WordPress site. If you need your website in 2 or 3 languages,please advice us to personalize the installation and the estimated budjet.

Hosting plan WordPress Shop Online

Depending on your needs we adjust the hosting. If you only need one to three web pages and one language you can choose Basic Hosting. If you think you will need more than 3 web pages or more than three languages, you have to choose the Advanced Plan Hosting. To make many web pages up to 10 the choice is Premium Hosting

Payments and annual fees to maintain electronic commerce

The price of the annual maintenance of your WordPress installation = of your choice of hosting plan + the annual price of the domain. The annual price of the domain normally does not exceed € 12-€ 15.

Example of Annual Payment E-commerce WordPress

-You choose a complete installation+ basic hosting plan. Your domain costs € 14 a year. The first year everything is included and you do not pay anything else. After the first year you pay only the basic hosting+ the domain (€ 58 + € 14 = € 72) VAT not included.

Additional information

Plan de Hosting

Básico, Avanzado, Premium


1, 2, 3

Fase de Instalación

Básica, Completa, Completa+SEO