White Label SEO Outsourcing Services. Free SEO Audit

White Label SEO Outsourcing Services & Free Audit

SEO Outsourcing Services from Certified Specialists-Amazing Experience and Permanent Results for Partners and Final Clients

certified seo outsourcing servicesseo outsourcing certified expert

-75% of the online users never scroll to the second SERP.
-80% of the potential clients never click paid ads.



Our SEO Outsourcing Advantages

-Using our B2B SEO services you will amplify your professional portfolio and attract more satisfied clients.

-30% Extra Profit for our business partners.

-SEO is our Passion, we value your business and we work hard to scale our partners and their clients in the best SERP positions. Your purpose is our purpose.

-Easy SEO Outsourcing Service – Just with 2 clicks !

-Free SEO Audit for all Partners -White Label, White Hat SEO Outsourcing Services.

-NO contracts and signups. Just send easy the client’s website data.You will receive our best offer for SEO outsourcing.

-Practice-we never stay just behind theory. We experiment, analyze and apply our own innovation and SEO knowledge straightaway.

-Reliable Services-Our target is the partner’s profit increase and we know how to do it.

-Experience. We do not know what is “impossible” . That’s why we have dozens of “unbelievable” results.

-Is it possible to rank in the first Google SERP with Page Authority / PA 21 and Domain Authority / DA 11 before pages with PA and DA more than 50 ? -Yes we did it many times already. -Fast services, based on mutual confidence and benefits.

-Best relation quality / price for All SEO Services. -B2B solutions based on expert white label optimization services.

-Low cost SEO Outsourcing Services from certified specialists in SEO and Internet marketing.

-Different Tasks-Different Approach. SEO is subjective process-with no ready receipts. Optimizing Shop,Blog or Website-Google sees different way your content.

SEO Outsourcing – How and Why ?

The SEO is complicated process absorbing time and resources.
Check the steps we follow to achieve your/our goals completing SEO Outsourcing Services.

Theory, Last Google SERP Factors, Real SEO Research and Monitoring for Each Client:

SEO Analytics, Audit and Keyword Selection

-Check the actual SERP position. Calculate the future approximate position in Google. This way, we will understand how to rank your product or service online. Analysis Includes:
-Keyword Suggestions.
-SEO dificulty-score from 0 to 100.
-Monthly search volume from 0 to k
-Priority-combination of all metrics / 0 – 100 /

The first important step is to perform a quick SEO audit for the keyword page which should be ranked. This SEO audit is a specific result in page optimization percentages for that word.

(Example before and after site optimization):

Before SEO %:     After SEO %:

Page: 45                80

keyword 1- 62        81
keyword 2-49         73
Keyword 3-43        69

The keyword and page optimization are two separate processes. With better page SEO results the optimization of specific keywords increases.

Improvements on-page SEO

-Improve the structure,quality and size of the site’s content.
-Tags and headings.
-Optimization of images.
-Correct permalinks.
-Page Not found-error 404
-Site Speed, Optimizing Scripts to Improve Speed.
-SSL certificate.

Off-page SEO optimization improvements:

-Link building Strategy. Practical tips and suggestions on inbound links and social networks. Because quality sitelinks have a huge impact on positioning, this is the main / offpage / parameter. It should work continuously.
-Reciprocal links ,when allowed for white hat SEO;efforts to increase contextual-natural links.
-Investigating of  the inbound links and identify a quick and effective strategy for building new ones.

-Analysis of the SEO results and global site ranking
-Site map and indexing

Last SEO Parameters and Actual Google Ranking Factors Included in our Work

WebSite Content

-Unique and expert content
-Link / text / media relation
-Inappropriate content

Outbound links

-Quality of the site they are targeting
-Links to pages 404
-Relevance of links
-Hotlink Images
-Links to bad reputable sites

Inbound links profile

-Relevance of the sites from which the links come
-Quality of the site where the link comes from
-Links from related sites
-Variety of inbound links and geo-localization
-Reciprocity of the links
-Authority of the sites
-Links from social networks
-Links from Wikipedia
-Position and number of links from one site
-Total number of links
-Link Farming-Buying Links


-Keywords in the title of a page
-Other tags
-Keywords in / anchor / text of internal links
-The anchor text of outgoing links
-Keywords in the content text
-Synonyms of keywords related to the page topic
-Keywords in file names
-Keyword in url
-The domain and the permalink


-Age and length of domain
-Keywords in the domain
-Domain Authority
-Whois-Anonymous domain registration information or not
-First-level domain or subdomain
-How often is the IP address and the owner changed
-Domain IP and neighbors
-Shapes and quotes on the domain
-Google Targeting Settings


-Geographical location
-Service Reliability / Speed

Web Structure

-Structure of url addresses
-Check HTML code; HTML and semantic structure
-Use external / CSS / JavaScript / files
-Accessibility of the website-use JavaScript and CSS
-Use of canonical url addresses
-Use of Cookies

More SEO ranking factors

-Internal links
-Web site factors
-Specific Factors for the page
-Google Webmaster Tools
-Sanctions and content manipulation

Outsourcing Warranty

Seoframe.com guarantees the promised SEO results for optimizing websites and online stores.

By performing site or online shop SEO, we prioritize the keyword ranking optimization. Applying in-depth SEO analysis, we determine what will be the approximate ranking after optimization. In this way, we establish the parameters of the SEO Guarantee and its value. Before payment we prepare a signed document with these criteria. If the predicted keyword ranking is not reached within two months, the agreed SEO warranty becomes effective. It can be used by the client as an additional credit or refunded cash.

The cost of SEO optimization outsoursing services or website development depends of many factors. Therefore, despite the prices we provide submitting the application form, we prefer to discuss these conditions personally with each customer and then set a price. Is possible to set one-time fee; subscription support for site development or premanent optimization in search engines.

Personalized Search Engine Optimization for Outsourcing

It is possible to make a special personal SEO offer for you or for your client’s business, based on the following factors:

-The Situation of Your Business Online. Where are you now?
-Objectives. Where do you want to be?
-Time. How fast do you want to improve your position?

Why SEO should be First Priority for Small and Middle Companies

Actually the business owners worldwide spend a lot of human resources and funds for IT solutions, web development and big data to help, understand and take advantage from the client’s behavior.
Surprisingly without justified reasons the online visibility is not one of the first priorities. Probably this attitude is understandable for the big companies, supported from their International popularity.

What about the small and middle business owners? SMBs can’t expect to impress and convert visitors into clients just with company name,nice slogan&design or CRM. For those enterprises is vital to be visible and have sticky content. Obviously the SEO should be their first priority to compete with the biggest enterprices online.

Differences between Online Optimization & CTR for big and small companies

The conversion rate in SMEs and Large Enterprise are quite different process. The small business needs expert SEO, better prices&solutions or better products to be competitive. Based on our experience the small business should convince much more the client.
SMEs first should create perfect SEO,product, the visibility and than to rely on all other IT converse solutions.
Large Enterprise can escape visibility-huge % of clients just enter in the LE platform to search for the desired product. (Problem resolved-no needs of visibility!)

How to scale your business permanently

How SF achieves the real optimization during the White Label SEO outsourcing process. Beside the popular SEO methods in SF we are experimenting almost daily what are the real best practices which permits the specific branches to scale in the 1st SERP positions. The organic optimization is the best value marketing solution in long run,because the SEO results lead brand trust and best visitor/client experience.

Real example about SEO-organic search optimization :

-The CTR rate from organic search is about 300% bigger than paid advertising.
-From 4 online visitors only 1 goes to the page 2 of Google search results.

Important Conclusions,valid for any online business :

-If the business is found through organic search it will be visited three more times than if you use paid ads.
-If your optimize professionally your online presence instead of min 0 to max. 1 visit you can be visited  4 times.

Avoid common mistakes for your online business optimization

Nowadays high % of the business owners expand their businesses offline and online. The common mistake creating e-business: uploading nice website design+few languages to “extend” the activity of the company .

The main goal why we create a website is to show and sell our products. Unfortunately the specific product optimization usually doesn’t exists (even in the main language website). What is the importance of the targeted optimization? If the web page is perfectly optimized but the on-page SEO is not targeted for the exact product (keyword) than we have just one more invisible page.
Is surprising that recognized brands do not pay attention on the most important parameter-the visibility. What this fact means? Those online business types, relying exclusively on their brand popularity and miss the vital purpose of the e-business-> Qualify & Scale in the search results.

Online business with 0 costs with Seoframe.com

Reselling for bloggers,marketers and companies the White Label SEO Outsourcing Services are great opportunity for professionals dedicated on services, marketing and Internet. Without spending a cent you can start your own white label business for web and SEO. You can offer to your clients websites, shops and SEO services. Seoframe respects your brand and takes care to finish all the job properly. Our partners receive the highest commission in the branch and we do not contact directly your final client. This system permits you to keep proudly your brand and to contact without doubt with you clients. With our Web and SEO solutions you can resell entirely new projects, online shops and Search Engine Optimization for you clients.

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