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In Seoframe the Search Engine Optimization is the very first priority.

When start a new business project we ensure the visibility just from the beginning. Relying on our Experience and our SEO enthusiasm we use all available white hat means for optimal results.



1)Analyze the target keyword(s) / bad keyword targeting=0 results /
2)Analyze and audit the competition for that keyword
3)Check the possibility to qualify for KW.
4)Decision for the keyword variant.
5)On-page and off-page seo audit of the website.
6)On-page content optimization over 80%.
7)Teach the website owner how to maintain the achieved results.
8)Tricks to show the website in the first results for local search in Google maps.
9)Webmaster SEO Analysis.

Thinking for the SEO before the choice of domain and hosting is the best way to ensure the future results.

We are sure everyone wants to see their business in the first result pages of the search engines.


Probably hardly any people know that it is necessary to do all this. That’s the difference – WE DO IT :

-Verify the domain before order it. What we verify?-Black lists,domain history and authority.

-Hosting Provider and server configurations.

-CMS Choice. Our choice is very clear-Wordpress.

-Page Structure and meta elements.

Page content. The most important SEO factor to reach the 1st result page ! Without content you will be out of the chart. Send your best copywriting efforts, we will put them in order.

-Inbound Links. To say it simply -Justify who you are.

-Keywords Research. Tools and more-how can use them properly. The check of important keywords for our page should be exact,not anyway.

-Google sitemaps and webmaster adjustments for our country,language and urls.

-Local SEO and social networks (here you will help us).1st Page in results Guaranteed.

-Offline SEO.

-Real Possibilities to Expand your Business in Other Countries. Our team will SEO your Website in Three Languages.

Wordpress Website Shops


The nº1 CMS in the World gives you almost unlimited opportunities in Web Design, SEO and Business Expansion. As WordPress Specialists, we try to benefit our clients from all features of this great management system. Seoframe delivers completely finished solutions to our clients. Creating WordPress Shops and Websites we care about the security and the speed of the site. During our experience we know that the optimization and the best user experience are integral parts of any good online project.

 partnership companies


Become Seoframe partner give you the Unique Opportunity to Make from 20% to 30% Additional Profit.
You can Increase Significantly the number of your satisfied clients with our Free Products for Partners . If you like to experience our Innovate Services we will register you for free and you can start to use our partnership program. Suitable Online and Offline the program gives you positive business solutions. You will increase your clients and your sales instantly.

seo hosting


We strive to offer the best product quality,as well on best prices. Knowing the importance of the website hosting we grant only the latest technology services with all possible options and parameters included.
With the multiple choices of attractive hosting plans the client can choose the option suitable for his specific needs.

blog seo


If you need small website or Blog for Services the Blogger can be your perfect solution.

Blogger advantages to highlight:

-Blogger is Simple and faster to create.

-Is cheaper and you don’t need hosting,even is not necessary the domain name. We can fix it with or without domain.

-The quality Google servers take care for all and you have good SEO start. We will add some of our Magic Tricks to be over the rest in the result search page (SERP).

-We have incredible SEO experience with blogger. It is really nice surprise when many times we have overtaken websites done with sophisticated CMS.

-No security issues and downtime.


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Thinking about using a seo company to help improve your website ranking? With new technologies like Rankbrain, a piece in Google’s latest algorithm, it’s more important then ever before to find and use an ethical seo company for your website. Moreover, the way the search engines are cracking down on unethical seo practices, it’s just not worth taking a chance with your online small business. Despite the reputation of many SEOs, there are quality seo service providers!

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