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Development of personalized SEO tools for on-page SEO and competitor analysis

Example browser based SEO tool

Advanced SEO - Instant Python solutions:

1. Crawling and Indexing API - Google Search Console (GSC)

Solution: Your pages were not visible on Google. After the Indexing API process with Google Search Console, they are crawled and indexed immediately.

(Alternative - Paid or other solutions: None exist)

2. Extracting Keywords from Headings

Python solution to find how many times a given keyword is repeated in the headings of selected URLs. It can target your websites or competitors without limitations. It aids in organizing content structure and competitive analysis.

(Alternative - Paid or other solutions: None exist)

3. Extracting Internal Links (Incoming & Outgoing)

Internal links are among the top SEO factors. If you lack internal linking or manage it incorrectly, you miss opportunities to rank better for semantic keywords. The tool I created is based on Python and can extract all anchors and their respective internal links.

(Alternative - Paid solutions with other SEO tools)

4. Content Cannibalization Detection

Do you have duplicated or partially duplicated content on your website? You probably do, but you may not be aware of it, and some of your pages may be competing for the same keywords and semantic topics. The tool shows you which pages are affected and helps you make the right decision.

(Alternative - Paid solutions with other SEO tools)

5. Bulk URL Meta Elements and Headings Extraction

Meta titles, descriptions, and H1 headings are vital parts of your on-page SEO efforts. If you don't know the condition of these elements, your pages may not be correctly optimized. This can lead to missed ranking opportunities and hinder CTR improvement. These elements can more than double your CTR. The tool extracts all or any of the page elements you desire in a simple document.

(Alternative - Paid solutions with other SEO tools or limited free solutions, but with a complicated process)

6. Scraping Competitors' Subtopics

If you want to target your content efforts effectively, achieve positive results, and save a lot of time, you can turn your "digital enemies" into your best friends. How is it possible? By using their top-ranking pages and consolidating all relevant subtopics in one simple document, extracted with Python from any pages that rank in Google or another search engine.

(Alternative - Paid solutions with other SEO tools)

7. Web migration and Redirection Mapping

Migrating a website(s) is always risky and somewhat complicated. Instead of creating complex, difficult, and time-consuming redirection plans, our solution provides almost instant and freelance migration and redirection mapping.

(Alternative - Paid or other solutions: None exist)

8. Keyword Clustering for Effective Content Marketing

Your content roadmap is one of the most critical elements for the future of your online business in the long term. If your content clusters are mixed, overlapping, or nonexistent, the tool can provide you with thousands of relevant clusters for your content plan and can help you organize the rest of the published pages and improve their semantic structure.

(Alternative - Paid solutions with other SEO tools, but they require a lot of manual work)

9. Sitemap Generator for Crawling and Indexing

Some CMSs do not provide the best SEO solutions for crawling, indexing, and future ranking of your web pages. The tool can create sitemaps based on your preferences.

(Alternative - Some paid solutions that may not offer a complete solution)

10. Extracting all links pointing to external websites

It is possible to separate external links by folders and obtain the anchors of each link.

11. Automatically change word or text in your content

Python script that handles word changes in a given text. Only a copy of the text is needed.

12. Extract only URLs of your website where Google changes the original Meta Titles

This is an unique SEO option. It will help you increase significantly your CTR, rankings and will save you a lot of time

13. Checking in bulk pages for structured data

You don't need to check individually each page, only to copy the urls that you like to check and you get the result.

14. Adjusting toxic backlinks disavow file from URLs to Domains

Tools like Semrush, Ahrefs and other can not always convert your disavow file as per your needs. The tool can convert URLs to Domains as per Google requirements

15. Personalized requests depending on your needs

It can be data scraping, unique tool or solutions similar to the ones above.

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